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Watched Walking and Talking (1996) last night, but as I was falling half asleep, I taped the end and finished watching it this morning. What an exciting life I lead. Anyway, it's the story of " Two longtime best friends are closing in on thirty; that's bad enough, but when Amelia (by Catherine Keener) learns of Laura's (by Anne Heche) impending marriage, she feels happy, jealous, panicked, and desolate. Amusing look at the joy and strain of friendship (not to mention dating and therapy), with fine performances all around." To quote one of the reviews at the IMDb » "These characters really act as if they are best friends. One great accomplishment of this film is that it is about everyday events which are transformed into having importance because we see the characters giving them importance, without it being heavy-handed. Another is the dialogue: these people are comfortable being cynical with each other, without being mean spirited. This is a small film with a big heart."