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Which is exactly how I feel this morning. Not very alive, but awake. And that shall have to be enough for now. I've finally finished Faye Kellerman's 'Stalker'. And am now thinking about what I shall read next. I have A Long Finish by Michael Dibdin lying beside me on my desk. But I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for that. Yesterday, o no wait, it was thursday, I was finding a seat in the bus on my way to work, when I noticed that the guy next to me was reading Clan of the Cavebear by Jean Auel. This is one of my alltime favourite books and I felt like reading it again, the moment I saw it. But I've already read it like 7 times. Maybe I'll give Michael Dibdin a chance to prove himself, and if it doesn't interest me, I'll get Auel from the shelve again.