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Tjerk and I rented some video's last night. We went for the somewhat older stuff, since that's cheaper. Ended up with Private Parts and EDtv. I rather enjoyed both, actually. So certainly not a wasted evening. We started with Private Parts (1997) » "Having always wanted to be a disc-jockey, Howard Stern works his way painfully from radio at his 1970's college to a Detroit station. It is with a move to Washington that he hits on an outrageous off-the-wall style that catches audience attention. Despite his on-air blue talk, at home he is a loving husband. He needs all the support he can get when he joins NBC in New York and comes up against a very different vision of radio." As I said, an enjoyable movie, even as you, like I have now knowledge of Howard Stern whatsoever. And the Ozzy cameo is great too.