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I've got a list at home (come to think of it, it is also featured on this site) with all the names of the songs I still like to download or find or whatever, and one of the songs on that list is a song I heard a couple of times sometime in, I think, 1997. It was a rather strange song and the lyrics where basically none existent. It was a guy singing something like "beep beep" over and over again. Also I believed the guys to be French. So on the list I stated it as "Beep beep song" by "The French guys". After a while it became a running joke in our house. Finding that song would be like finding the holy grail.

Anyhow, yesterday I was watching "Angel" and in the commercial break I was making my way through the channels, when I stumbled upon a Belgian film where they played that song! My brother and I looked at each other in recognition and a quick glance at teletext revealed the movie to be Hombres complicados (1997). Unfortunately the IMDb doesn't contain a soundtrack listing for this one. So I deceided to tape the ending and hope the artist and songname would be shown on the endcredits.

I was in luck. I had a lightbulb moment when I saw the info rolling across my screen. The song was called Pop. The band was Sloy. Hurah! The grail! Now if only I can find the MP3. If you have it, or know anybody who does please let me know. Cheers.