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I just went into town this afternoon, with Tjerk. I needed to get a buspas for the coming month when my student public transport card isn't valid. I have make sure I can get the money back from my employer, because it cost me a little more than 100 guilders! I didn't expect it to be that expensive. We also wanted to get tickets for the Opeth concert, but it turned out that the sales hadn't started for that yet. I have to keep an eye out for that one. By the way, it was enormously busy in the city center, because this week is the week of the yearly Lakenfeest in Leiden, where the city celebrates the origin of its wealth from the production of cloth (=laken). More information about that can be found on this page or this page. Anyway, we didn't feel much like cooking tonight and enjoyed our meal over at the McDonalds. And ofcourse, as we were walking home from the busstop, it started to rain quite heavily. That's always nice ;-) At the moment I'm working on the makeover of my other site The Lyrics Archive. So I'd better get back to that. Have a good evening.