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I'm currently reading up on Fusebox » "Using the Fusebox architecture will increase teamwork efficiency, productivity, and reduce the time it takes to build a web application. The Fusebox architecture has been created from the research of over 200 professional web developers to create a simple yet elegant architecture that can be used with almost any web application servers.

Currently the Fusebox architecture only works with ColdFusion although there will be future versions of the architecture designed for PHP, ASP and JSP. If there is enough of a demand for these, the implementations will be sped up.

The Fusebox architecture is designed to be simple and easy to understand. It is based on on modular programming in a web scripting environment. Fusebox is designed to be understood by the beginner to give the beginner a good base to start with, while giving the expert programmer the ability to take their application to the next level." For more information you might also like to check out Hal Helms' Fusebox Tutorial.