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We rented O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) last night. I had wanted to see this for ages. And now I have. It's a very original movie, typical for the Coen brothers. Definately one I'd recommend. "Loosely based on Homer's 'Odyssey' the movie deals with the grotesque adventures of Everett Ulysses McGill and his companions Delmar and Pete in 1930s Mississipi. Sprung from a chain gang and trying to reach Everetts home to recover the buried loot of a bank heist they are confronted by a series of strange characters. Among them sirens, a cyclops, bankrobber George 'Babyface' Nelson (very annoyed by that nickname), a campaigning Governor, his opponent, a KKK lynch mob, and a blind prophet, who warns the trio that 'the treasure you seek shall not be the treasure you find'." Check out the website or this site, which is dedicated to the music of the movie.