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I'm still convinced we (the Dutch) where right. I say f*ck Gutenberg, long live Coster! » The Gutenberg Years: 1640, Celebration and Controversy » "German scholar Mallinckrodt’s main aim was to defend Gutenberg’s reputation as the inventor of printing against Dutch claims that Laurens Jansz. Coster of Haarlem had first perfected the art. A ‘Coster v. Gutenberg’ debate continued for generations, becoming particularly intense in the nineteenth century. Although the modern consensus has come down in favour of Gutenberg, in the Netherlands Coster was long celebrated as the true inventor of printing and 1428 given as the date of his breakthrough. Commemorative medals were struck bearing his likeness, monuments erected to him and, of course, books published celebrating his achievement (and belittling Gutenberg’s). In this engraving from a 1726 publication the scroll superimposed on the church spire may be intended to reflect the shape of an early press."