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Did a re-take. That's better. » "Mirthe, your match is Dylan McDermott. Order in the court! Yeah, we mean you. We know it's exciting that Practice hottie Dylan McDermott is your celebrity match, but for heaven's sake, calm down. After all, the TV lawyer may be tall, dark, handsome, smart, suave... Actually, on second thought, woo hoo! Celebrate all you want; this brainy babe (and ex-fiancé of Julia Roberts) is exactly the right kind of guy for you - you love men who sweep you off your feet with their words, not just their biceps. We can just picture the two of you on a date: candlelight, a vintage wine, a deep discussion about literature or foreign film. Definitely swoon-worthy. He may be married (and a daddy!) in real life, but in the TV show in your head, we the jury find that this bright East Coast hunk is all yours."