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Did The Celebrity Matchmaker test at Emode.com » "Mirthe, your match is Matthew McConaughey. Yee haw! Congratulations, y'all - Texas charmer Matthew McConaughey is your celebrity match. Blond and beautiful, this laid-back good ol' boy has a melt-your-heart smile and soulful eyes. He's a fast-talker who sees himself as a salesman - doubt he'd have to try very hard to sell himself to you! You can't resist his down-home twang or rugged good looks, not to mention his wild side. This bongo drum-playing bad boy likes to live life to the fullest, something the two of you have in common. He's all about living "in the now," a spontaneous, easy-going dude with plenty of moxie. So what if he's a little dazed and confused? You just know you could make him sit up and pay attention. Good luck!" Nope, that's not what I'm going for. I don't like him, at all, not in his movies, and probably won't in real life. Sorry.