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I'm working on a ColdFusion page that isn't quite doing what I want it to do. Looking for an answer I'm browsing through the Advanced Cold Fusion 4 Application Development book, by Ben Forta. I stumbled across the chapter on WDDX. Which is a 'Web Interface Definition Language' and stands for 'Web Distributed Data Exchange'. It's a free, open XML-based technology that allows Web applications created with any platform to easily exchange data with one another over the Web. Now, if that isn't cool, I don't know what is. So now I'm totally side-tracked from my project and reading up on it.

Follow me on my quest for information and go to OpenWDDX.org, Allaire's WDDX FAQ or read the article on Exchanging Data with WDDX at webmonkey. Or take a look at this Google search.