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I was just paying a visit to the IMDb website to look up some stuff, when I noticed the "Movie of the Day" bit on the main page. At a glance I caught the words "Venus" and "Beauty" and instantly I thought of a French movie I had seen about two years ago. And indeed, this item was in relation to that particular movie. Strange how some movie are instantly forgotten and others stay with you a lifetime.

"From the outside, the Venus Beauty Institute looks like a pretty fishbowl, its stacks of pink and gold tubes glinting with the promise of physical perfection. Inside, things aren't quite so idyllic: Angèle (Nathalie Baye), teetering on the brink of middle age, has given up on love affairs in favor of anonymous flings; salon owner Nadine (Bulle Ogier) struggles with the shrewd businesswoman/human being balance; and young beauticians Samantha and Marie spend their days massaging egos, tempers, and varicose veins. Like Cecilia Roth in All About My Mother, Baye carries Venus Beauty Institute--her character is smart, vulnerable, and magnetic, proving once again that charisma and sex appeal are not reserved for the under-thirty crowd. While it never received a wide international release, Venus toured the festival circuit and took home four César awards (including Best Film and Best Director)."