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I've finished Stephen King's 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon' (for more information read this post). It was a great book, definately something I'd recommend.So I've started Faye Kellerman's 'Stalker'. Although I'm not quite far into it yet, I think I'll like it. Let's see. What else was I going to share with you today? Well. Not a lot has happened since yesterday. I'm glad it's saturday though. Got to sleep in for a change, even though I still woke up at the crack of dawn. Habbits die hard, don't they. I watched the first part of Intensity (1997) on television last night. It is a mini-series based on a novel by one of my favourite authors, Dean Koontz. Have to say I was pleasently surprised by it. Oh, and this morning I watched the second part of Catherine Cookson's 'The Fifteen Streets' (1989). They are currently showing loads of her stories on the Belgian tv. And I know, it's predictable and sobby, but I enjoy watching the paupers of the late 18 hundreds. It's such a different life than nowadays. So. Now you know. Later today I'm going into town (Leiden), with Tjerk. He is going to buy a DVD player and I am going for company, and my wisdom ofcourse. ;-)