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This morning I watched The Edge (1997), which I had taped earlier this week. I love it when you still have something cool on video and no real plans for the weekend. Just a relaxing saturday morning. Anyhow, I had rented this movie about a year ago and remembered that it had been rather good. So definately worth seeing again. It's the story of "billionaire Charles Morse who accompanies his supermodel wife Mickey to a photo shoot in Alaska. The shoot is to be made by fashion photographer Robert Green. To find a specific Indian for the shoot, they fly to an even more distant location, where their small plane crashes into a lake. To survive in the woods full of man-killing bears they need each other, but the smarter of the men -Charles- is suspicious that Robert is having an affair with his wife." The movie stars Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Definately one to consider next time you're at the videostore.