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Just arrived back at the homefront. Don't really know what to say about my final. Think it went okay, but I'll probably get another 5. Sigh. Anyhow, I had my final at 10:30 this morning, but because my public transport connection is dreadful, I had to take the bus at 8:32. So I arrived at school alomst 45 minutes early. Unfortunately I had forgotten my login password for the school network, so I couldn't get online. Sysadmin wasn't available, so I couldn't get them to reset my password. This resulted in me spending the time outside on a bench in the sun. Fortunately I had stuff to read. So it was quite pleasent. But then I went into the classroom and all the people there where taking it for the fist time. They knew each other and were talking and stuff. In the end I wasn't very happy. You can imagine. I'm getting old. Fortunately I finally saw somebody who used to be in my class and after a few minutes of conversation, it was time to get started. And now I am back home again. Work again tomorrow. I think I'll check my email now.