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Winamp played "...A Distance The Is..." by Theatre Of Tragedy for me. I love that song, I often play it when I go to bed, just before I fall asleep. That way it is the last thing I hear that day. And usually stays with me the next morning. I even think I'd like to have it played at my funeral. Or is that morbid of me? Also, check out this page by Jon Ringsevjen who used the song as an inspiration. You can also take a look at the lyrics or buy the album now. Shame that the band took a completely different turn somewhere and don't make the same beautiful music they once made.

Here's just a small fragment of the end, to liven up this page: After all these years thou left'st me down in the emotional depths. The sombre soaked velvet-drape is hung upon me, turning my feelings away from our so ignorant world. All the beautiful moments shared, deliberately pushed aside. A distance there is…