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I've been working, in my head, on a new lay-out for my site. One completely in CSS, so now frames and few to no tables. However it would be quite handy if there was a way to include files in other files. Like a menu, or a header and footer file. But that can't be done with simple HTML. Ofcourse it is easily done with something like PHP or ColdFusion. But since I use a Geocities account, I don't have support for those things. Then I heard of Server Side Includes, but don't know if your server has to support this. So I did a search on Google and ended up at the SSI tutorial page. However there I read "If your server is already SSI enabled...". I even made a test.shtml file and uploaded it to my account, but I got an error message, saying that it was the wrong file format. Damn! I can't use it. Sigh. Now what? Any ideas?