Let op: dit bericht is door hoge leeftijd of irrelevantie achterhaald en wordt niet meer door zoekmachines geïndexeerd. Lezen op eigen risico.

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I love Flash, but I see so many bad uses of it. Still browsing on Tech News at CNET.com I read: Criticism of Flash grows with its popularity. My personal nightmare "Beyond bad design, the Flash debate highlights questions about the benefits of making the Internet more TV-like--a development that is slowly taking shape alongside parallel moves to make television more like the Net. Advertisers and some Internet analysts say such an evolution is necessary to tap the medium's full commercial potential, but others believe otherwise". Internet is about information, television today is mainly about entertainment. The two can have overlap, but differences must remain. We can't let those awful marketing people take over our Internet and commercialise it untill it is completely unrecognisable. Sickening!

Wow, Jakob Nielsen (cool photo by the way) actually wrote something similar further down in the article. "People don't want to sit and be entertained on the Web--that's what television is for," Nielsen said. "Flash is mainly viewed as being an annoyance that gets in the way of what you really want to do on the Web, which is get information."