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Dissension in the Closed Source Software Community (a TechSightings Editorial): "We need to stop talking about the "Open Source" community, which was here before there was any other kind of software community, as if it was some sort of isolated group living outside the bounds of normal computing society, and start treating "Closed Source" software as the aberration.

We've had 25 years of proprietary personal computer software. That's enough. It's time to return to our computing roots, and share our intellectual resources freely the way we're supposed to.

And while we may no longer wish to hail Torvalds, Stallman or Raymond as inventors of the Free Software(tm) or Open Source(tm) concept, we should still revere them the way we revere the medieval monks who kept the idea of open learning and knowledge acquisition alive during the European dark ages, a role that is worthy of honor in and of itself."