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Mondaymorning again. The sun has gone, and rain has arrived! Can't say I'm very mournful. It was way to hot. Thank god for my ceilingfan, or I wouldn't have slept at all. Even the air smells fresher outside now.

I share the room at work with 4 people, the room is L shaped. I'm positioned in the top part of the L, and have full oversight of everything. Also nobody can see onto my screen. The desk attached to mine was unused, but unfortunatelly this morning a new guy started, and he will be using the desk. Sigh.

Why do I always have a busdriver who doesn't remember to open the backdoors, resulting in me wanting to get out and having to call to the driver, which means everybody in the bus is looking at you. Haven't they ever heard somebody speak out loud before? What's up with these people?