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I also want to share some of my irritations with you. This morning I was standing in the sunshine at the busstop. Just enjoying the nice weather. Had my eyes closed. The bus wasn't due to arrive for about 5 minutes. (I know, but I like to be early.) Then some idiot drives by with his stupid car with the radio far to loud. And if it is something to be proud of, he is playing Wham with "Wake me up (before you go-go)". To top it all of that's a song that sticks in your mind. So when the bus finally arrives I still catch myself humming it. Arghh!

Another thing is that here at my work a radio is playing. And it is set to Yorin FM. This station calls itself number 1 hit radio. And if you have browsed my site you'll know I don't want to hear that. R&B till you want to jam your head through the computermonitor. Even that damned Starmaker song is played atleast once an hour. I can't take Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child and Shaggy anymore! Insane is what I'll be shortly. Thank god for winamp, headphones and mp3!

Closely related is the fact that all the bands mentioned above don't appear to have an ounce of originality in them. Covers of old songs keep appearing. For instance I am now listening to Westlife covering Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl". Was it really necessary to cover this? And how about Brandy with Phil Collins' "Another Day in Paradise". Who comes up with this?