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Blogger is down for maintenance at the moment (got forwarded to sorry.blogger.com), but I want to share a few thoughts. Thanks to mister Notepad, you can still read this. Long live cut and paste. Anyhow. Yesterday I deceided to install Windows NT, when I couldn't get SQL Server running. After the install the first thing I wanted to get up and running was ofcourse SQL Server. But the damn thing wouldn't install. Did the same things (or rather didn't) it did in Windows 2000. Turned out the CD was damaged and it wouldn't have installed anywhere. Great. Made a copy of the CD and deceided there was no reason not to reinstall Windows 2000. So I did. Finished at about 15:00 hours yesterday. First thing I installed after that was SQL Server. It installed like a dream. I hate computers. Think I'llhave a careerchange and become childrensroomswallpaperdesigner or something. Come to think of it, they probably work with computers nowadays. Sigh. I now, 11:58 hours, have my computer running great. Installed all my favourite software and have things set the way I like. Nice!