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I wonder how my parents are getting on in Paris (more info for travellers here). They phoned me thursday night, everything was okay. It was raining a bit, but it would be better soon. They were staying at the Ille a Dam campsite, which is where we always used to go when my brother and I were younger, when we would go to Paris. I believe they were planning on going into the city on friday.

My brother, Tjerk, called on wednesday, from Lloret de Mar. He too was having a good time, even though it was raining there to. I think they'll be getting on the bus within a few hours from now, and will be home tomorrow around this time. Maybe we can get some Chinese food tomorrow night. I feel like eating that.

Sigh. Don't know what else to write now. I'm not really in a mood for anything right now. The sun is shining, but it isn't really warm enough to read in the garden. I should go offline in a few minutes. The phonebill will be huge this month.