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Okay, just one more test from Emode.Com. I couldn't resist. It's the Career Makeover. Here's my result:

Mirthe, you're a Physicist. You're the type of woman who believes that everything is reducible to facts and figures. When you live by logic, as you do, and are challenged by a search for truth, unsolvable queries are the bane of your existence. You're a true data head. You're the brain the world calls when it needs to pad a case with facts, get the numbers to add up, or explore some scary, uncharted place like your hard drive or outer space. You're an independent thinker, and because you contribute viable solutions without wasting eons in collaborative brainstorming sessions, you're smart to keep on the payroll. As long as you're free to retreat to your library or lab to ponder in peace, you can unravel life's darkest mysteries.

Who's like you: Marie Curie (famous scientist of radioactivity)

Likely careers: Physicist, computer engineer, lab technician, astronomer, mad scientist

How you rate: Motivation: 3 Conflict style: 7 Leadership style: 6