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I spend yesterday on the couch, coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose. However I deceided to go to work again today. I set my alarm and in the morning took a shower and got dressed. I even had my shoes on when I realised I still felt awful. So here I am, back behind the keys, mailing my boss to say I won't be in today. Also I deceided not to go tomorrow or the day after. I still have two free days from April. Why not use 'em now?

En dan nu een klein dankwoord richting Bart, want ik weet inmiddels dat je dit leest... Bedankt voor je kaart!

Also, my parents left at 6 (six!) o'clock this morning with the car and caravan to a campsite near Paris (France, not Texas!) where they will remain for the next week and a half. My brother won't be back untill sunday, so I only have you guys (if there are even people reading...) to talk to ;-)

No, just kidding, I don't mind a bit of peace. Although I miss the care a mother provides when one is ill. O well, I'll just have to fetch my own blanket and tissues and cough medicine and other stuff.