Let op: dit bericht is door hoge leeftijd of irrelevantie achterhaald en wordt niet meer door zoekmachines geïndexeerd. Lezen op eigen risico.


I've spent yesterday moving stuff from the old office to the new one. The plan was to go on friday (tomorrow), but the patience had run out and the schedule changed. When I got to work yesterday morning, the network was already down. So nothing work-related to do for me then. It was a good day nonetheless. Although far too warm for my liking. The only thing I could do yesterday evening was sink into a deep couch coma.

So this morning I started in the new location. Had to look up the busroute though. I hate going somewhere I've never been before, by public transport that is. It always goes wrong somehow and you arrive way to late, or on time but in a total panic, because you had to search for such a long time. Fortunately I had already been here yesterday, so I was able to recognize my busstop. Phew. And after some tweaking of the new LAN settings I am now online and able to continue my work. Think I'll check Slashdot first, though. Oh, and I haven't checked my Yahoo! mail in two days. Maybe I can do that now to.