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I've had it with today. My shoulder hurts. Everbody is quite active here, as we will be moving on Friday, to the Rooseveltstraat in Leiden. So people are filling boxes, and packing stuff. Hard to focuss in the midst of such activities. And I wasn't even in a very active mood today. Sigh. It'll be strange to go to school in Utrecht next week for my exam. Have to do a lot of work this weekend. And I have to get on with the coding, here at work, tomorrow. I'm at the threshold between design and development, and I have to get myself to cross it. Also it saddens me that Tjerk is no longer working at the moment. He had to go, because business wasn't very good, where he was. He'll start a new job in a few weeks. But in the meantime he can sleep in every day. Plus I don't have anyone to mail with, as frequently as we did.