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Bus hell

Nearly weekend! I could use it, my shoulders are killing me. Time to take a break from the mouse. Why is the weather changing back to hot again? If it's on my account, they can change it right back to very very cold.

I think I had, what could be described as, the worst busdriver in the world yesterday, when I went home. First he arrived to late. Even though it is the beginning of the route. He must have fallen asleep in his break or something, I don't know. When I pointed this out, he said I was wrong. Which I wasn't. Then I missed my other bus. It usually is a rather tight switch, the first bus (number 65) leaves from the busstop at 17:11 and arrives at 17:18, the second bus (number 169) arrives there at 17:19, but the 65 crosses path with a lot of trafficlights and even a bridge, which tends to be open for all the leasureboats wanting to pass. Excellent :-( So ofcourse I missed the 169. Also my driver on the 65 got into a shoutingmatch with a motorbiker, who my driver had, apparently, cut off. What a way to end your day.

But thankfully today is wednesday and I have a mini-holiday unitll this monday. So no work 'till tuesday! After today, that is. Yippie!