Let op: dit bericht is door hoge leeftijd of irrelevantie achterhaald en wordt niet meer door zoekmachines geïndexeerd. Lezen op eigen risico.


Just gone through my video collection. What else can one do when ill? Stumbled upon First Knight (1995). I taped it a while ago and hadn't seen it since. Have seen it in the past and I think it will help me slip into a nice comforable coma. Instead of for instance Pulp Fiction or Killing Zoe. Which are two of my favourite movies. But not for my current mood.

So what's this movie about, you ask? Well at the ever trustworthy IMDb I found the following: "A rebel knight from King Arthur's round table seeks to expand his empire by force, and terrorises the subjects of Guinevere, who has received an offer of marriage from Arthur. On the way to visit Arthur she has a chance meeing with the free-spirited and bohemian Lancelot, to whom she finds herself attracted.

I love the Arthurian myth, although this movie isn't very true to the story. If you're looking for something very excellent read Mysts of Avalon by Marion Bradley Zimmer. "Even readers who don't normally enjoy Arthurian legends will love this version, a retelling from the point of view of the women behind the throne. Morgaine (more commonly known as Morgan Le Fay) and Gwenhwyfar (a Welsh spelling of Guinevere) struggle for power, using Arthur as a way to score points and promote their respective worldviews. The Mists of Avalon's Camelot politics and intrigue take place at a time when Christianity is taking over the island-nation of Britain; Christianity vs. Faery, and God vs. Goddess are dominant themes."