Let op: dit bericht is door hoge leeftijd of irrelevantie achterhaald en wordt niet meer door zoekmachines geïndexeerd. Lezen op eigen risico.


Seen on coolsig.com: "The three most dangerous things are a programmer with a soldering iron, a manager who codes, and a user who gets ideas."

"Let's face the obvious. Yesterday we were nerds. Today we're the cognitive elite. Let's conquer." - Chester G. Edwards

"Science is everything we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else." - David Knuth

"As they say in my country, the only thing that separates us from the animals are mindless superstition and pointless ritual." --Latka Gravas in "Taxi"

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." --Bertrand Russell

"We have to believe in free will. We have no choice."

"You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. The impossible just takes a little longer."

"Karma is justice without the satisfaction"