Ondertussen is het nieuwe seizoen van de geweldige serie Banshee begonnen. Een tikje aan de gewelddadige kant, dus daar moet je tegen kunnen, maar zó de moeite waard.

If it was only the episode where Hood’s secret finally leaks out into Banshee, it would be a landmark. But that reveal happens only in the last 30 seconds, and comes after a sequence of visceral and emotional events so powerful they make a strong case for “A Fixer Of Sorts” being the craziest, if not the best, episode of Banshee to date. There are things that happen in this episode that another cable drama would pace out over an entire season, and not only do the writers deploy them all they deploy them three episodes in.

Om te citeren uit de review van AV club voor de meest recente aflevering “A Fixer Of Sorts”.