DNA, vervolg

Keek toevallig weer eens of de resultaten van het DNA onderzoek al bekend waren. Ze zijn immers anoniem, dus je ontvangt geen notificatie. En jawel, daar zijn ze! Leuk! Niet zo spannend als die van de mannelijke lijn, vrees ik, een heel gemiddelde West-Europese haplogroup H, maar toch leuk om de details te lezen.

Our story begins in Africa sometime between 150,000 and 170,000 years ago, with a woman whom anthropologists have nicknamed “Mitochondrial Eve“. She was awarded this mythic epithet in 1987 when population geneticists discovered that all people alive on the planet today can trace their maternal lineage back to her. [..] Your L3 ancestors were significant because they are the first modern humans to have left Africa, representing the deepest branches of the tree found outside of that continent. [..] Over time, the descendants of your ancestors spread across Eurasia and today make up the most frequent western European haplogroup.

En dan uiteindelijk Haplogroup H: Your Branch on the Tree

Today haplogroup H comprises 40 to 60 percent of the gene pool of most European populations. In Rome and Athens, for example, the frequency of H is around 40 percent of the entire population, and it exhibits similar frequencies throughout western Europe. Moving eastward the frequencies of H gradually decreases, clearly illustrating the migratory path these settlers followed as they left the Iberian Peninsula after the ice sheets had receded. Haplogroup H is found at around 25 percent in Turkey and around 20 percent in the Caucasus Mountains.

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