Alice In Chains

Layne and William

I’m just playing some Jar Of Flies, trying to unwind before bed. I just got back from Amsterdam, where I attended the Alice in Chains show at Melkweg. Unfortunately I never got the chance to see Alice In Chains in the 90s and after Layne’s unfortunate death, I figured it probably wasn’t gonna happen any more. So I was very pleased to find out about the mini-tour with new lead vocalist William DuVall, to introduce the upcoming album, Black Gives Way to Blue.

And boy is he quite the find! Every review I’ve read needs to mention he’s no Layne. Of course he isn’t, but he has a great voice in his own right. And, in my opinion, is very well suited to the typical Alice In Chains sound.

They played a number of songs from the back catalogue and 3 songs from the new album. Also a semi-acoustic version of Nutshell, which Jerry Cantrell dedicated to Layne (‘this one is for another member of Alice in Chains’).

Some reviews (in Dutch) can be found on (where I also got the great photo) and Rockascene.

Let’s see if the guys from Pearl Jam can top this at tomorrows show!