Porcupine Tree

For the fifth year in a row, I’ll be attending a Porcupine Tree concert in the fourth quarter. Their new album is due for release some time in September and they’ll be playing Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on October 12th. The anouncement mentions special guests, I wonder who that will be. I’ve read rumours of a bunch of bands, from Dream Theatre to Opeth. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.


Zag net de nieuwe video van Chris Cornell. Wauw, wat een slecht nummer! Dat heeft hij toch niet nodig.. Jammer.

For Lies i Sire

There’s maybe a dozen bands whose work I’ll buy no matter what. One of those bands is My Dying Bride. I just ordered their new release Welcome to For Lies i Sire. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

In a recent interview with Beyond The Dark Horizon, My Dying Bride vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe stated, “Naturally, we think it’s our best work to date and has a sort of ‘new-meets-old’ sound; the violins giving a nod to our past and the new riffs and vocals showing the way forward. It is quite possibly the most depressing thing we’ve created to date, and all the more wonderful for it.”

Asked how he feels the new CD differs from My Dying Bride’s last studio album, “A Line of Deathless Kings”, Aaron replied, “Would you believe it, it’s even darker? I’ve pushed the vocals further, finding more melodies, as have the guitars, and, of course, the violin has added a deep range of feeling. It’s quite a fresh, melodic sound despite being utterly despondent.”


Age is just a number, I really believe that. And I don’t feel that much different from when I was 20. However tomorrow will see me turning 30. Thirty! It does sound strange. But I’m sure it won’t feel any different. Not like turning 18 or 21, which came with all kinds of cool new privileges. For me it’ll just mean I’ll now be a Thirtysomething. Strange.


Recently I was playing the fantastic album Ogham Inside the Night by Sieben, when I got a Last.fm friend request from Matt Howden, the name behind the project. Don’t you just love Last.fm when stuff like this happens? You can listen to a lot of the songs online, my current favourite is Ogham the blade. Sieben is playing the Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht this summer, I’d really like to attend that show.