I love stats and charts and such. So I was very impressed with personal annual reports by Nicholas Felton (2007, 2006, 2005) that collate countless measurements of his year into a rich collection of graphs and maps reflecting the travel, photography, music, food, drink and reading contained in the year.

When I found out a while back that there was going to be a website where you could track all kinds of info, I was very interested and when it was finally possible to request a login for the Daytum private beta, I did. So I’m tinkering with it on I would be great if you could import things from different sources, like my account or my concert database. I’m not really keen on manually inserting all that data. Also, I feel I’m hesitant to share this much detail with the world.

Update: There’s an article on about the project, called The New Examined Life.


Ben er nog niet uit of de film me nou kan boeien trouwens.


Ik kijk Chapter 27. Wauw, Jared is best heavy. Hij dronk vloeibare chocolade-ijs met olijfolie, las ik elders. Blegh!


I attended the Riverside show in Paradiso (Amsterdam) last night. You will soon be able to the entire show on It was the third time I was able to attend one of their shows, so not too many surprises. Just a great, solid performance. They even played Rapid Eye Movement (from the bonus dics) which is such a great song!

Whilst queuing for my coat, I noticed The Sisters of Mercy will be playing Paradiso Feb 24th. I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of their shows in 2005 and would really like to attend this show. However that’s the week I’ll be returning from Riga.. so I think I’ll have to skip it. Might keep it in mind though, in case I return home all energetic! 🙂