Just watched a documentary on America’s national debt on the BBC. I know, sounds really boring, but in fact it was quite interesting.

The budget deficit of the US has risen to an eye-watering $9tn; its trade deficit is $738.6bn; its political leaders are casual about waste, and its feckless, want-it-now citizens buy stuff on credit and have abandoned the habit of saving, drummed into them by their provident parents and grandparents.

If you get a chance, you should check it out. The Guardian has a review or watch the trailer here. Lees verder Money

Educating clients

Clients want to have a sense of what is coming next. Explain the process, the stages the project will go through. This way you’re setting yourself up to be the person who’s in charge of the relationship. Put yourself in your clients shoes: They are nervous, unsure if they did the right decision to go with you. Make them feel confident in the situation. Make them feel confident that picking you, your studio was the right choice.

Paul Boag of Headscape: Educating clients to say yes


Hermano @ Patronaat, Haarlem

I’ve always regretted not having seen Kyuss perform on stage. I’m making up for it though, having seen Queens Of The Stone Age in summer of 07 and then last night I got to see John Garcia and his friends at Hermano Patronaat in Haarlem. Due to parking difficulties we were a bit late, so missed opening act Troy Torino and found the band had just started as we entered. After inserting the earplugs we made our way forward. (By the way, why do most people always stick to a spot near the entrance. Move, people!)

I’m crap at remembering setlists, but they played a lot of my favourite songs. And boy how they played, very tight. Really great night. Shame they didn’t have a t-shirt stand though, I would have liked to have bought one. Anyhow, check out some pictures in this set on Flickr or the video for My Boy. Lees verder Hermano


First of all, I’d like to express my elation with Barack Obama. And I really mean that. Even here, half-way around the world, in a country so liberal your scale doesn’t even go that far left, this will be a day long remembered.

To quote Mr Heilemann in his post Games. Games. Games.

I’m pleased he’s won, but I’m even more pleased it’s over and we can all talk about something else. I wonder if there’s some parallel universe out there where the Dutch elections (which I’ll admit, aren’t nearly as exciting) get the same amount of airplay in the USA as theirs have gotten over here the past few months. Somehow I doubt it.