Last time AC/DC played in The Netherlands I was in the midst of my finals, so I was unable to attend. So I way pleased to find out they’re doing a who in March of next year in Ahoy. Unfortunately Mojo, in all its wisdom, decided this very concert would be a nice start to try out their new method of selling tickets, meaning only via the Internet. Maybe they should have started with a less popular concert though, as only a lucky few were able to actually connect to the shop and it was sold out in under 7 minutes.. šŸ™

Everyone else was left with errors and unreachable servers. Despite the massive failure the same setup will be used for the upcoming Metallica show. Sigh. Here’s some AC/DC to enjoy, as I won’t be enjoying it live anytime soon! Lees verder AC/DC

Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree played two consecutive shows in 013, I attended the last yesterday evening. Both will be used to create a new DVD. We found a great spot on the balcony from which to overlook the stage. In hindsight it would have been cool to attend both nights, but that would get a bit expensive. Also I feared, like Madrugada did last year and as is quite common especially with DVD recordings, that they’d play the same songs both nights. This turned out not to be true though. Ah well. I had a great night anyway!

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I only just got back from my parents house, were I stayed after attending the Haggard show in Het Kasteel (Alphen aan den Rijn).

Since it’s the annual celebration of the Spanish siege of Leiden (which took place in 1574) today, meaning public life pretty much comes to a halt for a few days, I was pleased to be able to leave the city this evening/night. There was no way I would have been able to make it back home anyway, the entire inner city is completely blocked off from transport for the funfair.

The show itself was great. In hindsight we could have arrived maybe an hour later though, the opening act wasn’t that impressive. In between acts a curtain was closed and upon opening 12 members of the band appeared in the smoke. I’ve never seen a stage so crowded! I feared before hand they might play the new album, which seems to be en vogue these days. But thankfully they played a great mix of old and new.

This was also the first show wearing my new earplugs, which I can’t recommend enough. Wish I’d bought these 10 years earlier! I attend quite a few shows a year and have noticed a trend of shows getting louder and louder. After the Monster Magnet show this summer I still had a ringing sensation after 2 days. That’s not good. So I won’t be attending any more gigs without these things. Lees verder Haggard


Amazon recently launched aStore, a new Associates product that gives you the power to create a professional online store, in minutes and without the need for programming skills, that can be embedded within or linked to from your website. I first noticed it on The Chocolate & Zucchini food blog, now it’s popping up on more sites, like SimpleBits. Since I’ve had an Associates account for years, I thought I’d login and give it a go. The result can be found under the unoriginal name My favs. Enjoy.