Monster Magnet

Had a great day yesterday. Went to see Monster Magnet play Effenaar (Eindhoven). In the afternoon, because of the WK football. Which was quite strange, but in the end it turned out great, since it’s quite a journey by train. The show itself was great, a bit shocking to see what age and rehab have done to Dave though. But he sounded great, and that’s what matters. They played a lot of classic Monster Magnet songs and, to my surprise, no songs from the new album.

I can tell you this though, I’ll be very happy when the smoking ban goes into effect next week. I’ve so had it with coming home smelling like an ashtray. And since I’m in old lady mode, why does every show I’ve attended recently have to be so damn loud. My ears still haven’t recovered now, more than a day later. I don’t remember that ever happening before and I’ve seen quite a few shows in my time. I’m now actually considering getting custom earplugs. Lees verder Monster Magnet

Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree will play 2 shows at 013, Tilburg, the Netherlands, on 15th and 16th October. The short run of European shows during October is in order to shoot a DVD based on the Fear of a Blank Planet album cycle, and the main body of the filming will take place at Tilburg, where the band will play as much different material as possible during the course of the 2 nights.

After a brief period of doubt (it’ll be my 6th show of theirs in only 3 years), I will attend the show on October 16th.


Don’t you just love it when you come home and there are goodies waiting on the doormat? I ordered bandshirts recently, a black one (what else..) with the Sisters of Mercy logo and another one for Alice in Chains.

I also ordered CDs, but that’s a different experience. These I already found online, so the anticipation I usually had before the arrival of new material is gone. I do still buy the releases from a select list of bands though. To show support I guess, and because I just like to own the originals of my favourite bands. This round I got the new Opeth – Watershed (Special edition), Moonspell – Night Eternal and Tiamat – Amanethes.