I found out Norwegian band Madrugada were planning a few shows in our country some time in mid-March (a great birthday present for me). Because we couldn’t really decide between the shows at Paradiso (Amsterdam) on May 2nd and Het Paard (Den Haag) on May 3rd, we decided to attend both. After all, it’s not every day you get an opportunity to witness such a great band at work. Especially with all the rumours abound that this may be the tour for their last album under this name. Expecting the usual Friday-night traffic, we left early for Amsterdam and were able to get great seats on the balcony. I love going to shows in Paradiso, it’s got a great atmosphere. You’ll be able to see for ourself when (hopefully they will) they get clearance to show the performance on Fabchannel. Fortunatly the same thing happened the next day, once again on the balcony, though this time on the other side. The band gave a fantastically energetic performance on both nights. They played a nice mix of songs from the new album and plenty of classics from the back catalogue, including my favourites Strange Colour Blue and Blood Shot Adult Commitment.

Quite special: in Amsterdam we were treated to an English cover of Amsterdam, the Jacques Brel song and, because the crowd was still making a lot of noise after the first encore, they came back a second time to play 2 more songs!

Setlist Paradiso:

Whatever Happened To You / Hour Of The Wolf / Look Away Lucifer / Belladonna / Strange Colour Blue / Highway Of Light / New Woman/New Man / Majesty / Honey Bee / Black Mambo / Blood Shot Adult Commitment / 7 Seconds / The Kids Are On High Street / Valley Of Deception

1st encore: Only When You’re Gone / Amsterdam / Caravan

2nd encore: You Better Leave / Hands Up, I Love You

They played a similar setlist at the show in Den Haag. See for details.