I’m not really one for wearing a lot of jewellery. Usually a pair of nice earrings will suffice. So I’m always on the lookout for new shiny trinkets. So I was pleased to stumble upon the St Justin shop, which sells handmade pewter jewellery. I ordered the following items:

  • Lindisfarne spirals oval earrings The Lindisfarne design on these earrings comes from the famous Lindisfarne Gospels, created in the early eighth century CE for ceremonial use at the monastery of Lindisfarne in the northeast of England.
  • Love knot long earrings The Celts used knotwork to decorate many of their artifacts. To them, the intricate patterns woven into spirals and knots symbolise the continuity of life.
  • Kells bird earrings The chevron lends itself to many designs with its often delicate and subtle detail. Animals best portray the Celtic spirit of change, recognising the importance of oneness with nature. The Celts believed birds to be celestial messengers and bearers of magical power, prophecy, good fortune, peace and love.