Den Bosch

On our continued exploration of the bigger cities within a reasonable train journey, we went to ‘s-Hertogenbosch yesterday to get some shopping done. The city was preparing for next weeks carnival celebration as it transforms itself into Oeteldonk.


One of my favourite bands has a new album out today! So after work I rushed to the record store (yes, I’m one of those people who still buy albums) to get a copy of the self-titled album by Madrugada.

Unfortunately the guy working there informed me I was the fifth person inquiring and he was sad to tell me there was no information available about an international release. Even though the website clearly states a worldwide release today. I’m quite disappointed now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on a copy soon.


Though I’ve wanted one for ages, I’d alway postponed (read: chickened out of) getting one. But recently I suddenly just had enough of vaccuming, that I finally ordered myself a Roomba (the 2.2 Green de Luxe to be exact) on Friday, which was delivered in record speed yesterday morning. It’s making it’s first round this very moment, and even though it means clearing everything from the floor (which is probably a good habbit to get into anyway) before you can finally tell it to get started, I’m _very_ pleased with the results already. Lees verder Roomba


Went to the SieboldHuis yesterday. They’re currently showing a temporary exhibit called ‘Snow country – Japanese prints of winter 1900-1945’. This exhibition consists of a collection of Japanese prints produced during the early decades of the last century showing scenes of winter and snow. All prints were lent to the SieboldHuis by Dutch private collectors. Most prints stem from the Shin hanga movement. I must admit I was tempted to buy a reproduction, but they were quite pricey. Time to browse the Japanese Masterpieces on


And then, suddenly, it’s 2008. Couldn’t really tell you what happened to 2007, it seems to have flown by. Anyhow, have a great year! It’s a leap year, so enjoy the extra day.

On a somewhat related note, I’d like to mention this interesting article, entitled America’s wild ride began a century ago in ‘1908’ (via Slashdot) about the many changes that occured in the last century. I wonder what’s to come..