As the western world is preparing for the commercial feast that is Christmas, I’ve taken two weeks off from work. Lovely. Time to catch up on some reading, and not to mention getting lots of sleep. Do need to plan ahead about when I’ll get the shopping in, the last thing I want is to run out of bread and have to enter the store just as whole families are getting enough groceries to feed a small African village. I hate it when that happens.


Concluding this fantastic end of year concert run was yesterdays Riverside show in Zoetermeer. I’d seen them in the same venue last year after the release of their previous album. This tour was to promote the third and final part of their trilogy, Rapid Eye Movement. Since we arrived quite early we found a great place on the balcony, with perfect view of the stage to enjoy a great show. More in this review on

The setlist: Beyond The Eyelids, Rainbow Box, I Turned You Down, Ultimate Trip, Conceiving You, Loose Heart, Parasomnia, Volte-Face, I Believe, Second Life Syndrome — 02 Panic Room, Out Of Myself, Lucid Dream IV


I’m such a geek. I was cleaning out my shirt drawer recently, and decided to take pictures of my all my band shirts. First just to experiment with my camera, in different lighting and such. But I quite liked the way it turned out and placed them on Flickr for all the world to see. Check out the set in my gallery.