Ghost Brigade

Album cover for Guided By Fire

It’s been a bit slow here lately, so I figured now is as good a time as any to mention a recently released album I’ve been impressed with: Ghost Brigade – Guided By Fire

This is the debut album for this Finnish five piece. The influences apparent in their music are eclectic and wide spread, and they have encompassed a number of styles in their melancholic music. Quoting reviews “the most apparent and easily identifiable influences would be the melding of latter period Katatonia-esque dark rock, with hints of the tempered metal style of latter day Paradise Lost. Mix into that the minor key atmospherics of Amorphis at their most inspired, and lashings of good old fashioned death metal atmospherics and dynamism, and you can begin to see that we’re onto a winner here.”

iPod #2

My 6GB iPod Mini from March 2005 seems to have given up some time last week. It’s battery life has been reduced to about ten minutes per session. Also it keeps freezing at random intervals, showing only the bloody Apple logo. So I gave in to temptation and, earlier today, I bought myself a shiny new Apple iPod Nano 4GB. Since I use the iPod only when I’m on my bike or in public transport, I’ll be very likely to be using mostly audio, but I am quite impressed with the video capabilities. I just got the video for Porcupine Tree’s “Fear Of A Blank Planet” from YouTube, to test the speed and quality and that is looking pretty smooth. Now all that’s left is select my favourite 4GB from my nearly 100GB collection. Hm. šŸ˜‰

Paradise Lost

Strange how it’s taken me until 2007 to see the entire triumvirate (ha, I’ve wanted to use that word for ages!) of Doom metal in the same year. First My Dying Bride in Paradiso in April, yesterday Paradise Lost in Tivoli and Anathema opening for Porcupine Tree later this year in December. So, Paradise Lost. I’ve been a fan since I’ve discovered Draconian Times and despite a few albums that didn’t really do anything for me, I really feel they’re back to they’re old form since the release of 2005s self-titled album. So I was really looking forward to this show.

Didn’t really see much of opener Neurosonic, but caught most of Waldemar Sorychta’s Eyes of Eden. I wasn’t really impressed with their performance, also because I wasn’t familiar with the material. After their set, it was finally time for the main event. They played a nice mix of classics like one of my favourites “As I die” (the audience got to choose between Gothic” and “As I die”), “Enchantment” (from Draconian Times) and material from the new album. All in all a great night out!

The setlist: The Enemy, Ash & Debris, No Celebration, So much is lost, Pity the sadness, Praise lamented shade, Enchantment, Requiem, Grey, Unreachable, As I die, One second — Never for the damned, Erased, Over the madness, Say just words

I Am Legend

I recently watched the trailer for the new movie version based on the novel I Am Legend which was written by Richard Matheson in 1954.

A terrible plague has decimated the world, and those who were unfortunate enough to survive have been transformed into blood-thirsty creatures of the night. Except, that is, for Robert Neville. He alone appears to be immune to this disease, but the grim irony is that now he is the outsider. He is the legendary monster who must be destroyed because he is different from everyone else.

I’d heard of the book before but hadn’t read it. I was intrigued by the trailer though, so when I noticed the book in the second hand bookshop last week for a mere ā‚¬2,50, I bought it. I read it earlier this week, and must say it’s aged well. I’m also quite looking forward to the movie now. Lees verder I Am Legend