Don’t think I’ve ever seen Paradiso so packed as it was yesterday evening. We’d all gathered in Amsterdam to enjoy a show by Queens Of The Stone Age. Sold out in under 2 minutes, so expectations were running high.

Fortunately they did deliver, with an excellent set. The only downside was the volume level, it was just too damn loud, which caused quite a lot of resonance at times. Check out photo’s of this event on Flickr.

Setlist: Monsters, Burn the Witch, Misfit Love, If Only, Sick, Sick, Sick, Avon, Do it Again Headache, Turnin on the Screw, Hollow, Little Sister, Battery Acid, 3’s & 7’s, Better Living, Go with the Flow, Regular John — Run Pig Run, Song for the Dead The video for Sick, Sick, Sick