Porcupine Tree

Just got back from Amsterdam where we attended the Porcupine Tree at at Melkweg. The third time I’ve had the privilege of seeing them live in a little under two years. Last time was in September when they played a few songs which they were then still working on for the new album. This has since been released as Fear Of A Blank Planet. They played a great set with a bunch of songs from the back catalogue and of course ones from the new album. The one song I really missed though was Arriving Somewhere But Not Here, but you can’t have everything you want now can you. šŸ™‚ Lees verder Porcupine Tree


I’m currently reading Nightfall by Isaac Asimov. I got it cheap at the library where they occasionally sell off old books. The novel was released in the 1960s, but it’s based on a short story first published in 1941. Quite amazing, it doesn’t feel dated. The Wikipedia entry mentions it’s been made into a movie twice before, but both times not very successful. Think I won’t bother with those. I will have another look through the stacks at the library though, maybe other jewels are still waiting for me.


Not much going on recently. My parents have gone on holiday, to Normandy, Bretagne and thereabouts for a few weeks, so I’ve been given a list of stuff to record. Can’t miss the regular shows now can we? šŸ˜‰ Oh, and we went to see Ocean’s thirteen, which was pretty decent. Basically the sequel they should have made in the first place. I’ve also been trying to ignore the hype surrounding the soon to be released iPhone. Which is proving rather difficult, because everyone appears to be mentioning it.

I have been quite busy at work though. I’ve been in charge of creating the protoype for the new WNF site. I received the design a while ago and am now turning it into a decent XHTML framework. Quite a challenge with all kinds of layers and fun with PNG’s. Especially in IE6, of course. But it’s slowly getting to where it needs to be.


Just ordered tickets for the Paradise Lost show in October. Bought the new album when it was first released, back in May if I’m not mistaken. Look forward to hearing it live.

It’s been a great week for tickets overall, because I’ve also bought some for Amorphis on wednesday. They’re playing Utrecht in November. Can’t wait to hear them perform the new songs (like my favourite Brother Moon) live. And I’m interested to hear what the old songs sound like, with the new vocalist singing them.


After a long period of summer, it appears autumn has now arrived. With massive downpours. I was watching some television earlier tonight when I noticed my oak floor was shinier than usual. On closer inspection it turned out the alley in front of the house was flooded with about 30cms of water, with nowhere to go it was now making it’s way into my kitchen. šŸ™

I formed a dam with towels and once the rain stopped it retreated from my home. I’ve got a fan aimed at the floor, hoping the damp won’t do any damage. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Update: looks like I wasn’t alone, a different part of town was worse of. There’s now a discussion about opening up some of the canals to better handle extra water in the inner city in the future.

7 ages

Album cover for Never Say Die

For the past few weeks the BBC has shown Seven Ages of Rock, a great documentary on the history of rock. Tonight (finally!) was the episode on heavy metal, called Never Say Die. I’d been looking forward to it, but I must admit I was a bit disappointed. It showed things from a very limited and even British perspective. I understand they can’t show every single band out there, but why include Mƶtley CrĆ¼e and not mention one single band from Scandinavia? Shame.


Just watched the second to last episode of the Sopranos, called The Blue Comet. I won’t add any spoilers, but there’s only one word that will do: fantastic. This is what we were waiting for during the long mid-season break. Just one more episode to go. What a shame.