If you’ve been here before, you might have noticed by now: it was time for another redesign. I think this makes version 6. Hope you like it! šŸ™‚

Got it!

Album cover

Though it wasn’t set for release untill Monday, I got my hands on a copy of the new Type O Negative, called Dead Again. Shiny! Here’s a review, on Chronicles Of Chaos or if you’d rather read an interview, try Decibel Magazine. I had hoped to be able to see the band perform the songs on stage, but I recently found out (‘European Tour Dates Announced‘) they’re only performing festivals in my neck of the woods. So I’m currently considering attending the second day of Fields Of Rock on June 17th. Details might follow.

Next release I’m looking forward to is Porcupine Tree’s Fear Of A Blank Planet, which is due out on April 16th. Good times for great music!


I’ve been given Stronghold Legends for my birthday on wednesday. Strange to be twenty-eight, I don’t feel twenty-eight. Anyhow, about the game, it’s a sequel to Stonghold Crusader, which I’ve played when that first was released. Looking forward to having a go this weekend. I also recently rediscovered Beasts and bumpkins, which I played quite a lot in the late 1990’s. They’ve predicted lots of rain this weekend, so that’s a good excuse as any to continue with the games. šŸ™‚


The band

Just got tickets for the My Dying Bride show in Paradiso on April 20th. The tour is for their recently released ninth album, A Line of Deathless Kings. I’ve seen them twice before, at the Graspop festival in 2000 and opening for Iron Maiden in 1995. So this will be the first time they’ll actually be headlining. And in Paradiso. What a treat!

No much else going on today. Enjoying reading the A Song of Ice & Fire series. I’m trying to stop myself from finishing part 3, A Storm of Swords. After that, only part 4, A Feast for Crows, remains. Apparently the series is to end with 7 books, but the last three are unfortunately yet to be released.


This must be the strangest winter in ages. I’m still waiting for it to get started and all of nature appears to be in spring mode already. It’s my birthday in ten days, and I remember last year, it was snowing around that time.

This reminds me, documentary An Inconvenient Truth is showing for free the coming weeks, in Trianon among others. I still haven’t gotten round to watching it, so I might give the free viewing a go.