Had a rather busy weekend. Finally got round to painting a part of my wall I’d been planning to paint for ages. It turned out a lot darker than I intended, went for dark chocolate, but it’s actually more very very deep purple than chocolate. But I think I actually like it. Strange. Oh well, and if I do end up hating it, I can always try a layer with a different colour on top of it.

I also deceided to re-install Windows since my current install was acting funny. Had a bit of a scare as my second disc wasn’t recognized at first. I was told it was RAW instead of NTFS and I was asked if I wanted to format. Which I didn’t as it contained all my valuable data. I really should back-up more. But after a few reboots it suddenly recognized it. Very strange.

So that kept me quite busy. Not to mention the laundry and dishes I worked my way through. Now if only I could find someone to do the vacuuming. šŸ˜‰

100 years ago

Dan’s a web designer and wonders what he would have done for a living 100 years ago. I too work in the web business, and the post makes me wonder if you could still earn a living like this 100 years from now. If you look back at history, especially the last hundred years, there are so many jobs that no longer exist. For instance, an uncle of my mother used to play the piano to accompany the silent films that were shown in Tuschinski in Amsterdam. Not sure how much work that would get you these days.


Ashes Against the Grain cover

About 4 years ago I was browsing the ‘Metal New’ at my favourite recordstore, when I found The Mantle by a band calld Agalloch. It featured a sticker that said Melancholic metal with references from Pink Floyd, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Sol Invictus, Ulver, Dissection, Fields Of The Nephilim…. I wasn’t familiar with the band, but the combination of the somber cover and the sticker made me buy it. I instantly loved it and soon purchased their back catalogue.

The new album was announced earlier this year and I ordered it some time in March. Unfortunately the release was postponed untill August. I’d almost forgotten about it when it arrived in the mail earlier this week. It’s called Ashes Against the Grain and like all great albums it takes a number of plays to form an opinion. For the time being, you can find a review on Chronicles of Chaos. More good news, as the band is playing in Helmond in November.


Back at work today, only to find out there have been some problems with the mailserver and all IMAP folders have been lost. Didn’t realise untill today how much I relied on my archive and what a handicap it is, not being able to look up the simplest things still lingering in a mail folder somewhere. On the other had it is quite refreshing to start completely anew. I do need to set up my filters asap, as everything now ends up in my inbox. Which is quite annoying for all the mailing list related mail.

Classic gaming

Browsed a few abandonware sites, where I found the classic King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human. This part used to be my favourite of the series. Spend ages on it. Can’t believe I ever made it as far as I did, especially without the Internet. This time around I got stuck after a short while, and the temptation of a walk-through was to hard to resist. Ah well. Here are some more goodies I stumbled upon.

Screenshot King's Quest


Book cover

I’ve taken the week off. Catching up on both my sleep and my reading. I recently bought Juliet Marillier’s The Dark Mirror, which is book 1 of The Bridei Chronicles. A nice way to escape the terrible heat, reading about pre-Celtic Scotland, with my feet in some ice water and the fan blowing in my face. I read all three parts of her Sevenwaters trilogy under similar circumstances last year. Might become tradition. šŸ˜‰

Moved, again

We moved yet again here at work. This time to a new room at the front of the building. As it turned out, the room we’d chosen initially remained to warm, even though it had cooled down outside considerably. Hopefully, with this one, we’ll have more luck.