Maynard in front of the videoscreen

Though a bit on the short side, the Tool concert (my third) was fantastic! The show was accompanied by various footage (including the music videos for songs like Sober and Schism) on 4 big screens on stage. At the start we were asked to refrain from smoking on behalf of Maynard, which suited me just fine ast the smell of weed and tobacco is not one of my favourite things. Unfortunately there were still a number of people unable to comply with this request.

The sound / acoustics was very good, much better than I expected. And they even managed to create a semi-intimite atmosphere despite the size of the venue. Would have liked to have heard the 10,000 Days title track and maybe one of the olders song, like Sweat. Or maybe The Grudge. Oh, they have so many great songs, any setlist would be great. Also, Maynard mentioned that they’ll be back in November for another show. šŸ™‚ Rumors online are that that show will focus more on the new album and will take place in Ahoy Rotterdam. The setlist:

  1. Lost Keys
  2. Rosetta Stoned
  3. Stinkfist
  4. Forty Six & 2
  5. Jambi
  6. Schism
  7. Right in Two
  8. Sober
  9. Lateralus
  10. Vicarious
  11. AEnema

Update: here are some comments on the show and here are more photo’s.