Maynard in front of the videoscreen

Though a bit on the short side, the Tool concert (my third) was fantastic! The show was accompanied by various footage (including the music videos for songs like Sober and Schism) on 4 big screens on stage. At the start we were asked to refrain from smoking on behalf of Maynard, which suited me just fine ast the smell of weed and tobacco is not one of my favourite things. Unfortunately there were still a number of people unable to comply with this request.

The sound / acoustics was very good, much better than I expected. And they even managed to create a semi-intimite atmosphere despite the size of the venue. Would have liked to have heard the 10,000 Days title track and maybe one of the olders song, like Sweat. Or maybe The Grudge. Oh, they have so many great songs, any setlist would be great. Also, Maynard mentioned that they’ll be back in November for another show. šŸ™‚ Rumors online are that that show will focus more on the new album and will take place in Ahoy Rotterdam. Lees verder Tool


Finally, only one more day to go before the much anticipated Tool concert in Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I’ve heard different reports on the sound quality, but since I haven’t been, I’ll just have to wait and see. The wikipedia does state The hall is praised for its acoustics and it’s said these are the best in Europe. And I wonder if Tool can make it as good as the show in Paradiso I witnessed in 1997, just after the release of Ɔnima. That still remains my favourite concert ever, even after almost ten years and numerous shows.

I also picked up tickets to see Porcupine Tree. They’re playing Paradiso in september. That will be the second show of theirs within a year. What a treat!


Due to problems with the Internet connection at work, I’ve been working from home these past days. Which suited me fine, since I was having a skylight installed yesterday. Unfortunatly the screen that will keep out the sun will take about two weeks to arrive. So the morning sun caused me the awaken a 5:15 this morning. Might try sticking some cardboard in front of it tonight. Ah well, I’m sure the extra fresh air will more than make up for this temporary discomfort.

Let’s see, what else. Oh, my brother ran the 21 km distance at the Marathon in Leiden on sunday. Very impressive, especially with these high temperatures. Which my parents have escaped from, since they fled the country this morning, to go on holiday to Norway. They’re going to take the Hurtigruten, a Norwegian coastal transport service which is over a hundred years old, now an 11-day round trip between Bergen and Kirkenes, which includes 32 other ports. Recognised today as one of Europe’s biggest attractions and is internationally acknowledged as the ‘world’s most beautiful sea voyage’. After that they’re planning to drive home, through a part of Finland. I’m jealous.


Taped the shows from Rock-am-Ring 2006, which aired on Rockpalast on the German WDR station last night. Watched the entire performances by both Metallica and Alice In Chains.

The latter performed with their new vocalist William DuVall. Metallica’s James Hetfield also performed “Would?” with Alice in Chains, which was a nice effort, but mostly proved what a great voice Layne really had. More preformaces will be show tonight and tomorrow night.

World Cup

The horror called FIFA World Cup is currently upon us. What feels like the entire country is clad in orange, the most unflattering colour possible.

Many foreigners find it odd that the Netherland’s football team does not wear the colors of the Dutch flag of today, but instead wear a bright shade of orange. The origin of the color is in the history of the Netherlands; it originates from the coat of arms of the Dutch founding father William I of Orange-Nassau (1533 ā€“ 1584), also widely known as William the Silent.

Might be nice to catch a movie during one of the games. And atleast there won’t be any queues at the supermarket.

Day of the beast

Happy National Day of Slayer. Don’t forget the numerology trivia on the Number of the Beast at the Wikipedia. I may even play some Number Of The Beast on the way home. I’m sure it’s waiting for me on my iPod. This day brings very good news, as the Tool gig on June 27th has been confirmed. Confirmation had been postponed, apparently not to hurt Pinkpop ticket sales, where they were playing this weekend. Oh, and Slashdot finally has a new design by one Alex Bendiken.


Finally got round to seeing Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (2004) as it was being shown on television. I tend to agree with the following review, which is taken (though edited) from the IMDb.

I am a huge fan of early Metallica. They lost me, though, on the Metallica album. While this documentary is great film, I have to say that it just makes clear that Lars and James are utterly devoid of humor when it comes to themselves. [..] There were only two times when Lars spoke really honestly in a way that didn’t seem manipulative, and James never gave up anything real except when he was with his kids. The $40,000 a month counselor (he is not a trained psychiatrist or psychologist) was right out of Spinal Tap.

More reviews can be found on


Glad to see I’m not the only one in doubt, I was beginning to think I’d done something wrong or my server was comprimised. But there are more people being flooded with rejected e-mails, as the thread Am I an unwitting spammer? at Ask MetaFilter shows. Very annoying.

Another thing equally annoying is the increasing amount of comment spam I’m seeing on various forms on client sites. I just don’t get what the benifit would be of doing this. To those doing it, please stop. šŸ™