Had the second appointment for my crown earlier today. This was basically just making sure it fit and then glueing it in place. No anesthesia or anything needed, so all-in-all quite a relaxed experience. Plus I got to keep the mold they made of my jaw last time. Pretty cool ornament to have on display. šŸ˜‰ Now let’s see if I’ll be smiling when the bill’s arrived. I’m still not quite sure what percentage will be paid by my insurance company.

Civ I

Fired up the original Civilization for a spot of retrogaming earlier today. Though I’ve played most later versions of the game, this one still remains my favourite, despite it’s now clunky interface. To quote why it was chosen the #1 of the 150 Best Games of All Time in 1996:

While some games might be equally addictive, none have sustained quite the level of rich, satisfying gameplay quite like Sid Meier’s magnum opus. The blend of exploration, economics, conquest and diplomacy is augmented by the quintessential research and development model. [..] Just when you think the game might bog down, you discover a new land, a new technology, another tough foe – and you tell yourself, “just one more game,” even as the first rays of the new sun creep into your room…the most acute case of game-lock we’ve ever felt.


Bought a Powerball recently. Nice way to exercise my wrists and parts of my arms.

It is a gyroscopic toy sold commercially as a wrist exerciser device. It can be started with a short rip string or by a snap of the thumb. Once the gyroscope inside is going fast enough, a person holding it in his hand can accelerate the gyroscope to incredibly high revs by following a circular wrist motion with the device.


Went to the Huishoudbeurs yesterday. It’s basically an opportunity for all kinds of companies to sell lot’s of stuff to (mostly female) consumers. Originally household appliances, but more and more products have been added over the years. I tried not to go to overboard, unlike some, as there were plenty of people there who brought suitcases to take home their spoils! I purchased a set of HerĆ“me French Manicure which I tend to use and now was on offer. And a couple of packetss of Bolletje Eindeloos which was going cheap and was unable to ignore.

I also had to opportunity to check out the new CitroĆ«n C1. If I ever were to purchase an automobile I wouldn’t mind something like that. But I’m biased, my parents have allway driven CitroĆ«n. From the classic C2V to their current, the C5.

Only one point of irritation, as the trains didn’t go to Schiphol just as we were heading home, because people had been sighted in the tunnel. Which lead us to take a detour past Haarlem. Ah well.

Iron Maiden

Can’t remember when I’d been up this early on a Saturday morning. But the cause was worthy, as I just got back from the GWK to get tickets for the Iron Maiden show on November 27th. The queue wasn’t that bad, but hearing the show in Norway had sold out in 20 minutes, I thought I’d better make an effort. Most annoying was a group of teens (that’s it, I’m really getting old now) who arrived together but all bought their own ticket, instead of one of them buying 8 at once. Amateurs!


Album cover

Just ordered the new Katatonia album, which is called ‘The Great Cold Distance‘. It’s an additional birthday present. I tried to buy it in town last night, but all I got was blank stares upon requesting it at the various counters. Hm. Oh well, now I’ll have it in a few days anyway.

One thing though, why is it that everywhere I go the Arctic Monkeys seem to be playing? They’re really not that special, people. I just don’t get the hype. Oh, almost forget something much more important. I found out Katatonia are playing Katwijk (of all places) on May 12th. Let’s see if I can try and get tickets for that.

More good news, as I’ve just found out Agalloch have finished their upcoming album ‘Ashes against the grain’. I’ll try to get my hands on that as soon as it’s available.


Nothing beats the smell of your own burning gums. I had some work done this morning to prepare for a Crown which is to be placed at the end of this month. I had prepared for the very worst and thanks to lots of sedation, it turned out less worse than expected. Still, not exactly fly fishing in Montana kinda fun. šŸ™‚ Oh well, maybe the huge bottle of Perio-aid will help.


Dutch network Talpa have recently started airing HBO’s Deadwood. I’m usually not a big fan of western type movies, but this show’s quite different. I’m hooked.

Season 1 DVD cover

Set in an ungoverned stretch of South Dakota soon after the 1876 Custer massacre, Deadwood concerns a lawless, evolving town attracting fortune-seekers, drifters, tyrants, and burned-out adventurers searching for a card game and a place to die. Others, particularly women trapped in prostitution, sundry do-gooders, and hangers-on have nowhere else to go. Into this pool of aspiration and nightmare arrive former Montana lawman Seth Bullock and his friend Sol Starr, determined to open a lucrative hardware business. Over time, their paths cross with a weary but still formidable Wild Bill Hickok and his doting companion, the coarse angel Calamity Jane; an aristocratic, drug-addicted widow trying to salvage a gold mining claim; and a despondent hooker who cares, briefly, for an orphaned girl. Casting a giant shadow over all is a blood-soaked king, Gem Saloon owner Al Swearengen, possibly the best, most complex, and mesmerizing villain seen on TV in years.